Rear Lightbar with LED Lights

Standard rear lights now replaced with LED, Avant on the left, Saloon on the right.

The Audi A6 Avant rear light cluster with LED tube lighting and Dynamic LED indicators. An easy DIY task with no need for any additional programming, as simple as Plug-n-Play.

The Audi A6 Saloon with modern LED tube lighting, and dynamic LED indicators. Different style to the Avant, but just as simple to replace.

Dynamic LED Indicators

Watch the LED Mirror and Rear dynamic indicators in action on the Avant.

Mirror LED Indicators

Replace your door mirror indicators with modern LED dynamic ones. Watch them in action below.

Avant Mirror Indicators

Saloon Mirror Indicators

How to replace your mirror indicators

Upgrading Mirror Indicators

Replacing the Mirror Indicators

Watch how to swap out your old for new. Using the basic tools, you can easily replace the mirror indicators with more modern Dynamic LED ones in as little as 30 minutes. Click on the Video to find out how.